It is difficult to define the scope of non-certified translations and specialist translations. They include all possible human communication and a myriad of topics: from simple correspondence, to literature; from a recruitment report, to a lathe operation manual. On principle, these translations differ from certified translations in that their correspondence to the original text does not have to be confirmed by an authorised translator. What follows is that anyone can make such translations, oftentimes regardless of their competencies. That is why it’s worth use the services of a sworn translator, even if a non-certified translation will do. Despite that the status of a sworn translator does not guarantee excellence in every discipline, the qualification is proof of the translator’s experience, language skills, as well as the ability to competently translate various texts.

Non-certified and specialist translations are made and sent in an electronic file.

Examples of translations and specialist translations:

  • Websites

  • Marketing and advertising texts

  • CVs

  • Cover letters

  • Letters of recommendation

  • User manuals

  • Scholarly theses

  • Presentations

  • Sales offers

  • Product descriptions

  • Reports

  • Business and private correspondence