Regulamin i polityka prywatności

These Terms and Conditions set out the rules for provision of services by the Translation Agency which operates under the business name Krzysztof Jański Tłumaczenia, with its registered seat in Wrocław at ul. Lotnicza 145/A21.


§1 Placing and Processing Orders

1. An order may be placed by the Client in oral, paper or electronic form. The Client may request a quotation and a deadline for the service and give a preferred deadline for completing the service. The quotation is free of charge.
2. Based on the sent request, the Translation Agency will present an offer – it shall specify the price, deadline and form of payment. The offer is negotiable.
a. The price of a translation is calculated on a per-page basis (a page of a certified translation is 1125 characters with spaces, a page of non-certified translation is 1500 characters with spaces). The number of characters is rounded up to the nearest full page.
Urgent and express translations
A tight deadline for a translation may affect its final price:
Urgent translations: +50% of the base price
Express translations: +100% of the base price
Other factors which affect the price of a translation:
Translation of handwritten text: +25% of the base price
Translation of a copy which is difficult to read: +25% of the base price
Additional copy of a certified translation: +20% of the base price
b. The price of interpreting is calculated on a per-hour basis, counting from the time the interpreter was requested to arrive. The price is given for a “commenced hour;” therefore, 1h 20 minutes of interpreting shall be counted as 2h.
c. Approximate rates for translation and interpreting services are available on the website; however, the provided prices shall not be understood as a commercial offer according to Article 66 of the Polish Civil Code.
3. After receiving the offer presented by the Translation Agency (price and deadline for the service), the Client may place the order (accept the offer). In this case, the Client shall explicitly confirm placing the order, supply the necessary documents and any additional information (e.g. terminology guidelines), as well as make a non-refundable down payment (if applicable) or pay in advance.
4. After the obligations under point 3 above are fulfilled by the Client, the order is accepted and processed by the Translation Agency. The Client will receive a confirmation of accepting the order.
5. The Client may cancel the order. When cancelling a translation, the Client shall pay for the translation done up to the moment of cancelling the order (calculated on the basis of the number of characters in the work file which was being translated). When cancelling an accepted order before the translation starts, the Client shall pay 20% of the price of the service or the individually determined amount of the down payment. When cancelling an interpretation service, the Client shall pay 50% of the price for the first commenced hour or the individually determined amount of the down payment.


§2 Liability and Complaints

1. The Translation Agency shall be responsible for the service up to the price of the service paid by the Client.
2. The Translation Agency shall not be liable for errors in translations made as urgent or express translations.
3. The Translation Agency shall not be liable for errors in the translation which were caused by errors or poor quality of the source text.
4. The Translation Agency shall not be liable for actions of third parties, in particular for damage or loss of documents or untimely delivery by postal operators and/or couriers.
5. Complaints regarding translations should be made within 7 days of receipt of the translation. A complaint shall be made in writing (in paper or electronic form) and shall specify complaints and errors (by highlighting them in the received file or, in the case of certified translations, by indicating the page and line number).
6. The Translation Agency shall accept complaints about errors in a translation which were made by the Translation Agency. Complaint shall be handled within 7 business days from the date of making the complaint. If a complaint is justified, the Translation Agency shall remove the errors and correct the text free of charge.


§3 Final Provisions

1. The Client consents to the processing of his personal data in the scope necessary to render the service and has read and understood the Privacy Policy. All personal data transferred by the Client (including data contained in the documents/texts for translation) shall be treated as confidential.
2. Provisions of the generally applicable law shall apply to all matters which are not settled herein.
3. All potential disputes which may arise hereunder shall be settled by a competent court having jurisdiction over the registered seat of the Translation Agency. The Translation Agency and the Client shall attempt to resolve all disputes amicably.
4. The Translation Agency reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. If the Terms and Conditions are amended, the Client shall be informed about this fact in an announcement posted on the website of the Translation Agency 14 days before introducing the amendment.